Building Your Legacy with Family Wealth Planning

“Wealth is the ability to fully experience life”-Henry David Thoreau

For many of us, when it’s time to evaluate the delicate issues surrounding our finances, investments, risk management—and their integration into our financial and legacy plans, we experience a certain level of anxiety, indecisiveness and sometimes even conflict.

It’s a dilemma. You’re being asked to make rational, objective decisions that involve highly-charged emotional issues. But without sufficient guidance and support and without answering the right questions, you may implement a plan that does not reflect your true desires and needs.

“Family Wealth Planning” is the comprehensive approach the professional planning team at FWCG utilizes to legacy and estate planning to create well being. As Family Wealth Planners, we want to understand what our clients value most before appraising the economic value of what they own. We can help you define your closest-held values, ensure that your plans are effectively documented, and facilitate unique inter-generational communication. Family Wealth Planning is the most meaningful work we do—both for our clients and for ourselves as professionals.

To ensure that your decisions are consistent with your personal values, we employ a proprietary process to help you identify and prioritize your personal opportunities and perceived risks. We then work with you to design an effective plan to help you capture these opportunities and minimize your risks. Together, we will draft a Family Legacy Statement, which becomes a defining record that can be relied upon by your heirs. The Family Legacy Statement will document your values, and also what you wish your financial legacy to mean to your family and your community.

We see Family Wealth Planning as a continuum across generations of your family. A wealth plan requires periodic refinements that reflect the natural changes and uniqueness in both your personal and professional life. Professional service is often viewed as doing something for others. However, we know that greater value can be realized by working with our clients and their other advisors toward clearly identified and articulated objectives.