Our investment philosophy is grounded in the principles of the Nobel-prize winning Modern Portfolio Theory. The body of knowledge that constitutes Modern Portfolio Theory was pioneered and then reinforced by noted academics, including Harry Markowitz, who wrote “Portfolio Selection” and would go on to win a Nobel Prize in Economics for his groundbreaking insights. The research was expanded upon by Stanford’s William Sharpe (who also won a Nobel Prize for his work), Eugene Fama, Merton Miller, and many others.

While markets are complex and often seem quite chaotic,we have learned much about how to ensure that investors take only justified risks while capturing the free return available to us in the market. In other words, there is a science to investing.

It is still unfortunately true that much of what passes for investment advice today has little to do with this science. Self-appointed investment experts, who are almost always selling either a book or a mutual fund, craft marketing and media messages designed to tap into our natural human desire to beat the system, to get rich quick, and to be wealthier than our neighbors. It’s human to lend credibility to people who speak authoritatively, so many brokers and clients trade on these biased investment strategies, which are hopeful, expensive, and lack scientific backing. Our investment methodology is clear, consistent, academically sound, and completely free of smoke and mirrors.

We believe in the importance of total objectivity, and we want to ensure that the only person we are ever working for is you. Therefore, in relationship with our clients, we hold ourselves to a fiduciary standard, requiring that we put the needs of our clients before our own. We prosper only as you prosper.

We will work together with you to select a globally diversified portfolio that suits your needsBecause our portfolios have matched the returns of the global stock market with less historical volatility than the market, we are able to safely pay our retired clients an income that is higher than the industry average, while still preserving capital and the expectation that you will not outlive your money. (You might want to read that again…)

By hiring FWCG as your advisor and utilizing one of our prudent portfolios, you are giving yourself a raise in retirement!

Of course, these results are reported net of fees.

To build our risk-managed portfolios, we use institutional mutual funds that are available only through select advisors like us. We were among the first investment advisors to offer these institutional funds, and have successfully employed our investment philosophy for more than two decades, through bull and bear markets alike.

We would be pleased to show you a historical record of  how our portfolios have outperformed the S&P 500 over the last 25 years.  All you need to do is Contact Us.

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