As the CEO of your Personal Financial Future Corporation, you are likely to work with a team to accomplish your goals. These advisors can be thought of as your professional advisory team, or your Board of Directors.

However, you alone must ensure that each member of the team understands your goals and is advising you appropriately to achieve them. This is more responsibility and effort than most individual investors are comfortable with, and achieving successful results can be tough given your time constraints. So, because you’d rather be enjoying life, the risk of potentially costly mistakes can leave you feeling frustrated, anxious and even thwarted.

When you hire FWCG as your Personal CFO, you can get back to doing what you do best, and leave the planning to us. After working with you to define and document your goals, we will implement a plan to help you achieve them.

Then we will coordinate with your tax preparer, your estate attorney, your insurance agents, and the other professionals in your life to ensure that they are all working together to help you achieve your ultimate goals.

These services are provided at no additional cost to you–we consider them to be part of the job you hired us to do.